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You can choose differently

What even IS Soul Evolution Healing School?

I know what you’re thinking, how do you have a school to evolve your soul? Well, the same way you can learn theoretical physics through university, something that sounds entirely improbable can be, and is, completely possible. Yes, you can learn the basics of theoretical physics from Youtube videos, articles and textbooks but there is a difference between teaching yourself and having the guidance of people who have already started their education and experiences in full.

That’s essentially what Nikyla Maria and Candice box are offering with their internationally accredited healing school.

Taking yourself on is, quite frankly, one of the hardest things a person can do. Having the support and perspective of good mentors can create an entirely differently healing experience. What Candice and Nikyla are offering is to stand by you while you look at some of the hardest parts of yourself in order to heal what is there and create more peace, joy and unconditional love in your life.

Not only will you have the support of both Candice and Nikyla but you’ll also have the support of their entire community of healers, students and guest speakers at your disposal to really get the most out of each year and push yourself and your healing process as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

The choice is yours to decide how much or how little you want to use the abundant resources that have been cultivated for you, to help YOU!

This page is just a soft introduction to what is to come, the following blog posts will give readers insight on what healing can feel like, the practices that can support you into growing into the truest version of yourself and will highlight some of the teachings that Nikyla and Candice share with their community and give the opportunity for those willing to expand their mind, body and soul. 

This of it as dipping your toes in the water if you’re uncertain that this is something that you want to take on, changing your life and perception can be really scary but its so much easier to do when you have people and knowledge in your corner that supports you while you figure it all out.

How will I create Change?

The Chakra System

This is the foundation of Healing school and of Soul Evolution. First, second and third year all have varying degrees of focus on each chakra starting from Root chakra and ending at the Crown chakra. You will have the opportunity to see what each chakra feels like in your body, what wounds you have to heal in each chakra and how they all harmonize into your spiritual, mental and physical system.

Once the foundation is understood, Candice and Nikyla build further into each chakra for an in depth understanding of what each energy center means to you and how it shows up in your life and in your relationships. Once you start to heal yourself, you will be opening yourself up to your own unseen gifts and be taught on the proper way to help and heal others in order to serve yourself and your community. 

After you can acknowledge what it is in your system that’s wounded you can take the guidance of Candice and Nikyla to heal what you are now aware of. Candice and Nikyla both offer four one-on-one sessions per year for more intense transformation as well as the group healing that each class provides. A plethora of reading material, youtube videos, podcasts as well as the Soul Evolution app, that has all content unlocked, are included with each year of class. 

Are you ready to take yourself on??

Your journey begins now.