Unleash Every
You Have Within You

These untapped energy sources in you have the power to amplify your magic, shatter the glass ceilings that keep you in place, and supercharge your existence on all levels


The World Is Wide Open to You



When you are at one with the energies that are constantly at work within you, you tap into your highest self, profound breakthroughs that will see you to your next level of…well…evolution, and allow you to be so much more than you allow yourself to be in this moment.


If, instead of living your dream life, you find yourself:

Clenching your jaw more often than not

Feeling unseen and unheard

Sick of the job you have  

Wishing you had a more fulfilling relationship  

Uncomfortable in your skin 

Hiding more than living 

Wondering why your magic is not working

Unfulfilled by anything at all 

Lacking energy most days

Putting off the things you used to love  

Longing for your MOJO again


Then, this 5 week course is going to help you ignite your energy centers so you can flip all of that around to finally:

Live from your purpose

Speak your truth (no matter what it is or who it’s directed at)

Feel safe and grounded in any situation 

Open yourself up to the love you truly long to feel 

Recognize what’s out of alignment in your life so you can correct the course

Take back your emotions with one 15s trick that will flip your script

Be able to receive everything you deserve (even if, right now, you don’t believe you deserve it)

Supercharge your magic

Create the sovereignty you should be living from at all times

Wake up energized and connected to YOURSELF

Ask for what you need without feeling guilt or shame 

Recognize and reject toxic patterns (in yourself and others)

“Before being introduced to SOUL EVOLution, I was looking for a way to heal past wounds. I started the spiritual journey and knew there was a lot of stuff that was coming up that I didn’t know how to work through and didn’t want to do it on my own. Shortly after, I met Candice and Nikyla and knew I had to work with them. I never made myself a priority so having to choose to put myself first was a tough decision, but knew it had to happen. So many patterns kept recurring and I realized I didn’t know how to stop the patterns. I learned the skills to make those changes in myself and stop trying to change others. I recognized the patterns within myself and was able to rewrite my story. I no longer listened to others to respond and fix and I no longer feel the need to fix anything anymore. I have more compassion and acceptance.”
Amanda Lacasse




EVERYTHING you crave in this life is just days away.


  • Dive deeply into the chakras, where and how they show up in your life, and what you can to do create shifts using them

  • Uncover your behaviors, thinking, and actions and which chakras they are tied to so you can begin to reinforce the energy you WANT to exhibit instead

  • Tap into things you forgot you knew, thanks to what the patriarchy, society, religion, and familial dichotomies have molded you to forget

What you will activate:

Week 1

Root Chakra Activation~ This is all about grounding and healing roots. Creating a solid foundation, understanding your family relationships and what you really value. 


Week 2

Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra Activation~ This week we focus on nurturance and self-care as we learn how to step into our own personal power and sovereignty. We learn to discern our emotions and create boundaries. 


Week 3

Heart & Throat Chakra Activation~ In week 3 we open up to love from both ourselves and Source/God/Creator. We literally raise to the frequency of love as we learn to both manifest our dreams and speak our authentic truth. 


Week 4

Third Eye & Crown Chakra Activation~ Week 4 is powerful! We begin to call in and understand our unique spiritual gifts and the divinity within. 


Week 5

SOUL Activation~ We go out with a bang as we bring all this transformational energy together and live from our SOUL  Essence. Our soul’s now fully activated are ready to go out and follow the calling of its destiny.

“Before being introduced to SOUL EVOLution, I wanted a better way in life. I felt like something inside me was screaming out. I was doing for everyone else because I thought that was the way. Now I am stepping into my power. I don’t have to fit into a circle or a box. Candice & Nikyla helped me accept all of me and heal deep wounds. I understand now I can live my way, my unique way. I don’t have to worry about expressing myself in a way that is acceptable to others. I learned to set boundaries and value my expression and in turn I value others. Where once I held expectations and judgment in my conversations, I now open up and share what I feel and what I need for support and nurturing with those close to me. I am finding my voice. This course is supportive and caters to each group member’s unique expression.”

But, I Already Know the Chakras

You might! But this is going to be a Deep Dive that reveals your blocks and behaviors to all you long to be/have in this worldly existence. 

You’re not going to learn that the Root Chakra is red; the Sacral Chakra is yellow, etc. In this 5 week course, you are going to dive DEEP into yourself, your thinking and your actions. 

And each chakra has its own workbook that is designed to show you a different side of that chakra so you can really study how it shows up for you.

Because when you understand what is behind your actions and reactions in this life, you can disarm those behaviors and reinforce proactive behavior that supports your true purpose. 

This course is going to bring you back to you.

“Candice & Nikyla are amazing ladies. So blessed to have met them and have been able to learn from them. They are very gifted. They have an ability to read each person. The friendships I have made, the skills I have learned helps me throughout my life so I can continue to progress on my journey as a woman, as a mother, and professional. This has been an AMAZING experience. SOUL EVOLution has truly transformed my life. Thank you!”
Stacie Liebenson

This Course Will Teach You Tools You’ll Use Daily Forever After It’s Over

You’re going to get actionable advice that you will live by daily once you see what this course reveals about you and what to do about it.

And it won’t be to wear blue if you feel like you need to be seen or heard.

The work we do here is crafted to give you real-time tools you will use forever after it’s over.

“My biggest challenge was coming up against feelings that I don’t understand. It comes from a part of me that I don’t look at. With the guidance of Candice & Nikyla, I learned to ask myself questions like- What is this feeling teaching me? What is it that I am needing? They helped me in my business and my relationships. Now I am clarifying what I need and how I can support others. I love being able to stay grounded. I feel empowered and able to listen to others better. I understand myself and why I do the things I do especially in my day to day living.”
leialoha sattig

What You Get With Soul Activation

  • A library of video classes where you discover the wounding patterns associated with each chakra to help you become aware of how these patterns develop and how they might block you from creating the life you love


  • Bi-weekly Q&A’s to ask any questions about the chakras, the information you’re unlocking each week, anything you need to ask to help you absorb and assimilate this information and get the support you need to create true transformation


  • 7 comprehensive workbooks for each of the 7 chakras, a challenge guide, that explains each of the individual chakras, how they affect you, and how to nourish each one


  • Chakra Recipes to cleanse toxins and nourish your body to support chakra balance


  • Chakra Daily Tracking Journal to help you recognize how your chakras align with your emotional state and physical symptoms


  • The Chakra Cheat Sheet so you can pinpoint areas of concern and focus on balancing and aligning the individual chakras


  • FOREVER access so you can reassess where you are and take your time going through each of the chakras and you can revisit because each evolution will always bring new blocks with it!

Why the Course Works

This 5 week course helps you heal in places you may not have even realized you needed to heal until you began unlocking your behavior patterns. So, when we dive into them, you begin to:

  • Feel SAFE, grounded in your body, and stable when you heal your First Chakra 
  • Tap into PLEASURE, ENERGY, ABUNDANCE, and an UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR NEEDS and FEELINGS when you heal your Second Chakra
  • Reveal your DRIVE FOR LIFE, CONFIDENCE, and an UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR SOVEREIGNTY when you heal the Third Chakra
  • Create deep and INTIMATE CONNECTIONS, LOVE, and SELF-LOVE when you heal your Fourth Chakra
  • Show up IN YOU TRUTH, AUTHENTICALLY, and TUNED INTO THE FLOW OF LIFE when you heal your Fifth Chakra
  • OPEN UP FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS which expands our knowledge of who we are and can become when the Sixth Chakra is healed
  • And lastly, CONNECT TO THE DIVINITY WITHIN YOURSELF when the Seventh Chakra is healed


All of this manifests as a SOUL EVOLution.

Live Out Loud
If you are tired of taking course after course to uncover your blocks, shatter your glass ceilings, and move into a more aligned life…





This course is going to finally expose what has stayed hidden for so long.


We are SOUL EVOLution and it is our life mission to serve others as they dig down deep and transform their lives to have more, to be more, and to serve more.

Nikyla Maria

When I learned about my chakras, it opened up a whole new world in understanding my reactions that ruled my life and rebelled against all that I desired.  By understanding my chakras, I was able to step into my power and protect myself from feeling the weight of the world so that I can focus on my Divine Purpose and support sensitive human beings.  I teach that our sensitivities are a gift and our feelings are our guides to navigate our inner landscapes and heal old wounds.

Candice Box

My soul journey was quite profound.  I discovered a part of me that felt so resistant to love and connection which guarded me from truly receiving and giving love.  I opened my heart and let love in.  I saw my patterns and began to change them for the better.  I now have amazing relationships in my life, especially the one with myself.  The chakra process helps me open my heart and extend compassion to everyone I meet and now I teach others to do the same.

“I've been on this soul journey for awhile, but the pieces are finally starting to come together and it's actually looking like anything is possible. The chakras have really been an eye-opening thing for me, the pieces are starting to fall together on that too. I had so many interests, in so many different areas, like tarot cards and crystals. When I align the chakras and see myself as the rainbow bridge, everything is just like “WHOA”! It's awesome. I love this tribe. I'm not really friends with a lot of women, it's been really cool to meet women that actually want authentic community!”
Clem LaFrades
starts 10/04/21


Ready for a journey of a lifetime?  In just 5 short weeks, you will discover what holds you back from elevating your life to higher levels.  Follow the flow of life and enjoy what your soul has in store for you.  The brilliance, the bliss, the peace, the love, and the abundance awaits you.

Yours only for $555

Payment plans available


Why the Chakras??

This 7 Chakra System that you are familiar with is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It is the basis for every course and mentorship we run for people like you. And it has helped us help others to heal unknown wounds, enter into successful and mature relationships, find careers that aligned with their calling and more. 

And the Chakra System, itself, is an ancient system of mapping energy in the body and in the subtle body. But truth be told, the 7 Chakras you learn here (and most everywhere in the western world) are mainly open windows into the blocks and flows that impact who you are in your worldly existence.


And they are actually only that…a small window. Because there are many, many more chakra systems one could explore at great depths. 


But since the subtle body is a fluid plane of energy, the “true” number of chakras fluctuates. So, we are focusing on the 7 Chakras that have come to be the more widely accepted system.


Just understand, there’s an entire universe to explore when it comes to your chakras and starting with these is a most excellent place to start when exploring your energy and the world you’ve built around you.


Discover Your Highest Calling, Your Truest Nature And LIVE From Your Soul


  • When does the SOUL Activation start?

    SOUL Activation starts on October 4, 2021 and lasts for 5 weeks. Class is 60 minutes once a week on Monday's

  • Who is this for?

    It’s for anyone who has been struggling to reach their next level of SOUL EVOLution...that means... If you’re tired of feeling unhealthy but can’t seem to stick to healthier eating and exercise. The reason is in here! If you’re trying to make more money in your business, but struggle to move beyond what you currently bring in..the reason is in here! If you are sick of being taken advantage of in your relationships, the reason it’s been happening is in here! So, this is for EVERYONE who keeps hitting wall after wall of the same blocks over and over again.

  • What if I can’t finish?

    You have FOREVER access! So you can take as much time as you like and you will get class replays.

  • I also work and take care of my family. How much time will I need to dedicate to this each week?

    You can dedicate as much or as little time as you need, but most students who are working for results tend to spend 1-3 hours per week.