Healing school isn’t for everyone. It takes commitment and a desire to show up for yourself and heal. Below you will see an excerpt from the Love Contract we create for each and every cohort of students. We share this with you so that you can read it aloud and see how it makes you feel. 

“It is now December 1, 2021, and we, Nikyla and Candice, and the SOUL EVOLution team are so grateful and excited now that we are expanding our magical healing school with 25 new students in SSE 8.0 committed to healing themselves and finding their own authentic path.

We are trusting, intuitive, and heart-centered women standing strong in our Healership, owning our Divine gifts, and sharing them with our students who are open to our guidance. We are in the flow and have balance in both our work and homes. We are connected and open to what the Universe has in store for us. Our bond as partners gets stronger and more loving every day.

The students are open and ready to evolve. They are so grateful that they found the perfect guides, teachers, and healing school (US!) to guide them back to themselves as they embrace their own life path and begin to trust themselves again. Our students fully trust themselves, their friends and welcome in a new community to support their evolution.

Together we are learning to live in this new frequency of peace, love and healing as a community. They are transforming before our eyes and allowing new life to be birthed.

We all are experiencing incredible breakthroughs and an increase in wealth flowing into all areas of our lives bringing financial freedom, creating generational wealth, spaciousness to work creatively, and live fabulous lives.

We align to the love frequency and embody its true message- opening our hearts even more while teaching others to do the same.

 We ask that you fill out the application below and book a 15-Minute Connection Call with either Candice or Nikyla. Once your application and call is complete we will notify you of our decision. 


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