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Sacred SOUL Mentorship
Year 2

About the course

Becoming a healer

Being a healer is a privilege, a blessing, and a responsibility. You are being of service in a big way to all sentient beings and this beautiful Earth. Many of you will find that you can be of service in different eclectic ways and this is the start of your path to discover how you can help.

As a healer, you personally are not doing the healing. You are being a channel to facilitate the healing for another. Everyone has the capability of healing themselves and we are here to support them through their pain and suffering reminding them and inspiring them that they can do it.

We can be a reflection of what is possible to those we serve. We can help others remember there is more to life than suffering. But, we can’t do it for them. We can show them a path to healing but it is ultimately their decision what to do.

It’s also important to remember that we have to take care of our own energies and bodies as healers as well. Each tool you learn this year can and should first and foremost be used on yourself. Tuning into the needs of your own mind, body, spirit, and energy field each day and using the tools most fitting will allow you to feel energized and full as you show up at this powerful capacity.


Year 2 of Healing School deepens our own self healing while also teaching you to utilize your gifts to heal others. Year two students will be given mentees from year one and asked to complete the following along with normal class homework.


SOUL EVOLution School for the SOUL 

Student Mentor Client Case Study Requirements


Must record 2 of your clients sessions and share them with Nikyla & Candice. 


Must turn in 8 healing write ups. 


Must present a detailed case study following a detailed journey of one of your mentees healing process and your own journey as a healer. 


Must have a presentation of your journey through the chakra wounds


SSM Course


This course is currently offered ONLINE as 50 classes offered over 1 year with one class per week or 4 classes per month. 


This course can also be taken offline, at the students preferred learning pace, watching recordings of live classes and completing class exercises and assignments.

Phase 1: Connection to Earth

Our connection to the elements is profound and yet simple. We live in a world full of form that is magical and essential to not only our survival, but our ability to thrive and live in harmony with each other. When we establish connection to Earth, we create a strong foundation. We are able to manifest the spiritual into the physical. Our healing gifts and powers become evident and natural. We learn to use our resources in a smart and sustainable way. We flow with the rhythm of our natural cycles and nurture our needs and feelings. Grounding is extremely important. By connecting to the Earth, it protects us from surges of energy that inhibit us from being stable, centered, and healthy. We learn to value our bodies and everything that exists on this planet. We become open vessels for the higher frequency energies such as Love to establish the higher vibrations within us and on Earth. 


  • Practice grounding and allowing energy to flow through you.
  • Learn protection practices to support you in developing a healthy healing practice.
  • Develop a practice of taking care of your 4 foundational pillars, self-care, healthy relationships, connection to spirit/nature, and service to others to raise your consciousness and life to the next level of your soul’s evolution.
  • Learn advanced energy healing skills to work on your physical and emotional bodies to manage your energy and stabilize yourself.
  • Understand 1st and 2nd chakras and their wounds how they affect your energy and how to open them and get clear on its characteristics and manifestations.
  • Learn to perform an energy chelation of the body to activate your energy field, chakras, and aura levels.
  • Repair the 1st layer of the auric field and 2nd layer of the auric field
  • Process to release your stories and emotions and heal from them.
  • Learn about plant medicine and how it can support your healing.
  • Develop a consistent spiritual ritual to bless, cleanse, and heal self, space, and others.

Phase 2: Connection to Self

e are constantly expanding our ideas about our self. We will be integrating parts of ourselves that we judge, criticize, and feel is unworthy. It takes dedication and willingness to remove the defenses we created that don’t allow ourselves room to grow, change, and become more of who we are. Allow the masks to fall away to reveal your true selves within. Learn to love every single part of yourself and appreciate its strengths. Create a real and true relationship with yourself and trust yourself. See who you are in relation to the world. Own your inner authority and become responsible for yourself and what you are creating. Understand the power you hold that makes you YOU. Let go of everything that is holding you back, the doubts, the fears, the guilt, everything. Throw it all out the window and step into the life you choose to create. Heal on deeper levels, love the life you live, and be of service.

  • Understand your ego and personality self. Dive deep into your unconscious traumas: Become aware of where the beliefs of fear, and doubt that are causing resistance and rebellion from what you truly wish to create in your life and relationships.
  • Dive deeper into2nd chakra and 3rd chakra their wounds how they affect your energy and how to heal and respond to them and get crystal clear on its characteristics and manifestations
  • Step into your power: Dive in and see how much you are operating from your power. Determine where you give away your power, where others make choices for you, and where you are afraid of your power so you hold back.
  • Learn muscle testing and how to use a pendulum to test your chakras.
  • Examine and clear your 3rd level of the field and see how your mental body is affected by your thoughts.
  • Learn why you attract entities, lost souls, and lower frequency energy and clear them.
  • Learn about the foundational pieces of Shamanic Healing.

Phase 3: Connection to SOUL

Coming home to your SOUL.  SOULhoodcan be a long and arduous journey if caught up in the identities of the self which experiences duality. However, by practicing daily, clearing your channels, and aligning with higher truths, you can expedite the process. At the SOUL level, it only experiences the higher frequencies and knows the perfection of all that is. When we align to the true power of our SOUL and follow it’s guidance we evolve and step into higher realms of consciousness and reality. Get to know yourself as the Divine Being you really are who has come here to be of service to the world and fulfill a Divine purpose.

At the SOUL level, you realize the potency of your healing gifts and what you have to offer. As you step into healership, you allow the spiritual work to purify you from the inside out and work through you. You’ll witness first hand how your gifts, abilities, and spiritual tools help you and others around you awaken and step into higher levels of consciousness.

You’ll dis-identify from man made constructs and step into the quantum field of creation, manifestation, and divine design. Gratitude becomes the key to unlocking many doors. You’ll experience the expansiveness and unlimited capabilities available to you. You will see from a higher vantage point which will give you a new perspective of the world so you step out of the illusion and more into Universal truths.

  • Begin mentoring students from Sacred SOUL Embodiment and step into the healer role.
  • Create healthy relationships: Learn to recognize when to let go and when to love and hold great compassion and forgiveness for the negativity in your life, with people, thoughts, and actions.
  • Examine your relationship with forgiveness and compassion.
  • Dive deeper into 4th chakra and 5th chakra their wounds how they affect your energy and how to heal and respond to them and get crystal clear on its characteristics and manifestations
  • Clear the 4th level of the field where blocks, debris, and cords are causing misalignment and even pain in your energy system.
  • Work with guides to heal and restore using psychic surgery on the 5th level of the field.
  • Learn to communicate with others in a healing way that frees them from low frequencies and allows them and you to be in their truth.

Phase 4: Connection to Source

Create a loving relationship with God and channel in the higher frequencies into yourself and help heal others. Learn that you are supported, protected, and loved as you embark on your healership journey. Understand the quantum field and all that you can see and create.

  • Learn the importance of the staff and Shamanic journeys.
  • Put together a project to share about your healing journey through the chakras.
  • Become a steward of love on the planet understanding how your actions and ways of being affect everything.
  • See from a higher/ 5D perception that you can see more of everything coming at you.
You have an acute awareness for everything around you. You see what needs to be healed without judgement.
Feeling so loved as everything begins to happen for you.
Trusting that your spiritual powers are developing at a pace you can handle.
Really begin able to see the Divine in every person, place and thing.

  • Understand and cultivate your unique ways of healership that brings you joy and supports you in the world.
  • Manage your time and take control of your life to be of service to Source.
  • Put together all of your healing skills and perform a full healing on a person using your checklist and write up.
  • Dive deeper into 6th chakra and 7th chakra their wounds how they affect your energy and how to heal and respond to them and get crystal clear on its characteristics and manifestations.
  • Listen to your higher self and cultivate a relationship.

Dates for next enrollment

Dates for next class

CLASS TIME 12:00- 1:30 pm PST (3 pm-4:30 pm EST)  Thursday

50 classes / Once a week for 1 Year/ 75+ hours training

Starting May 11, 2023


1st Chakra Week 1 Orientation

1st Chakra Week 2 Grounding/Healing/Energy/Schizoid Wound

1st Chakra Week 3 Healing 1st Chakra Wound and Positive/Higher Self Response

1st Chakra Week 4 South Node, North Node, Chiron

1st Chakra Week 5 Rituals & Routine/ Yoga for root

1st Chakra Week 6 Aura

1st Chakra Week 7 Staff & Pendulum & Muscle Testing

1st Chakra Week 8 Candice Alone

2nd Chakra Week 1 Journey /Reading Chakras using pendulum

2ndChakra Week 2 Water element & Advanced 2nd chakra

2ndChakra Week 3 Clearing the 2nd Layer of the field

2nd Chakra Week 4 Plant Medicine

2nd Chakra Week 5 Shamanic Journey & Staff Work 

2nd Chakra Week 6 Oracle Card Readings

2nd Chakra Week 7 Processing

2nd Chakra Week 8 The lower self/ shadow self/ entities clearing the lost souls

3rd Chakra Week 1 3rd chakra advanced

3rd Chakra Week  2 Start on Astrology Book

3rd Chakra Week  3 Processing with 3rd level of the field clearing

3rd Chakra Week 4 3rd Chakra

3rd Chakra Week 5 Processing

3rd Chakra Week 6 3rd level of the field Healing workbook

3rd Chakra Week  7 Ego Identity/ Divine Masculine

3rd Chakra Week  8 Working on a client

4th Chakra Week 1 Advanced 4th chakra wound

4th Chakra Week 2 Healing 4th and the healing response

4th Chakra Week 3 Processing

4th Chakra Week 4 4th level of the field/ movement

4th Chakra Week 5 4th Level of Field and everything that gets stuck. 

4th Chakra Week 6 Heartbeat of earth frequency of love (The shaman’s necklace)/ movement

4th Chakra Week 7 Processing

4th Chakra Week 8 Hoopono pono (Forgiveness)

5th Chakra Week 1 Advanced 5th Chakra wound

5th Chakra Week  2 Healing the 5th Chakra

5th Chakra Week  3 Processing

5th Chakra Week  4 Lucie Lynch

5th Chakra Week  5 Aftermath of breaking free

5th Chakra Week  6 Express Yourself

5th Chakra Week  7 Processing

5th Chakra Week  8 5th level of the field

6th Chakra Week 1 6th and 7th advanced chakra wounding

6th Chakra Week 2 Shamanic staff and journey

6th Chakra Week 3 Energy work 

6th Chakra Week 4 Developing Spiritual Gifts

7th Chakra Week 1 Processing

7th Chakra Week 2 End of class projects

7th Chakra Week 3 End of class projects

7th Chakra Week 4 7th chakra staying connected to self and source


Each year is $7777 tuition paid in full. We do offer low payment plans for those in need. 

Course Requirements

People interested to take this course are required to fill out an application form and do a short 15 minute phone interview with Candice or Nikyla to make sure that the course commitment is a good fit and that people are ready for the rigorous spiritual work and energetic transmissions. There is an application/ interview fee of $25, which is deducted from the tuition. Alum of the SSE are not required to interview or apply



Exclusive access to Marco Polo

You will have exclusive access to us via Marco Polo phone app where you’ll have unlimited access to both of us with a user friendly face to face connection.  Please check in with us anytime during your program. Share with us how you are doing, bounce ideas off of either of us, or ask questions that you want clarity around.  We are with you every step of the way.

Soulutions Membership

You have 12 month access to SOULutions Membership where there is a library

of DIY spiritual guidance on a variety of soul centered life transforming subjects to support you in expanding your consciousness. This helps you dive into subjects you may need more clarity on so you can process your thoughts and emotions. You also get a bi-weekly Q&A to support you in any questions or healing processes.  There will be Omwork and action steps for you to complete in a downloadable workbook.  These thought provoking questions and action steps will move you forward on your spiritual journey by helping you get to the root of the problems and practice the teachings. SOULutions membership is a safe place to practice and share your experiences as you shift.

Manifestation Mojo

A 3 part series DIY online workshop where you will let go of what no longer serves you by clearing out old beliefs and patterns that keep your dreams from becoming a reality.  You’ll learn the art of vision boards and how they work.  And you’ll create your own personal love contract that sets in motion your deepest desires.

Discounted further coaching with either one of us

Need more support?  We offer continued coaching sessions with Candice or Nikyla throughout the year at a discounted rate by being a part of Sacred SOUL Embodiment.

Affiliate commissions

You also receive a 10% affiliate commissions by sharing our courses or retreats to others because you are a part of our tribe.


Please note that all students will have required reading, viewing, class homework, assignments, quizzes and case work assigned and will need to complete these to obtain the Course Certificate.

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