Sacred SOUL Embodiment
Year 1

About the course

Learn to integrate all your tools and develop a practice unique to you while continuing

to expand your gifts and talents as a healer that will take you to new levels in your life.

Explore different healing modalities with our guest teachers who we handpicked so you

can expand your knowledge and tune into what calls you.

Open up to Shamanic healing practices where you will interact with the spirit world

through altered states of consciousness where you will direct these spiritual energies

into the physical world, for healing or other purposes.

Unlock the vast knowledge of the Akashic Records to understand your soul’s journey and

clear the blocks in your life and those of your clients.

Clear your past lives and dissolve the emotional charge from these old memories and

put them to rest forever so you can release unneeded baggage and heal right NOW in

your current life.

Develop a deeper understanding of the chakra wounded patterns and how they respond

in relationship to one another.

Become an ordained minister, a steward of the earth, and of service to all.

Work as a trained and professional healer where you are responsible for cultivating and

maintaining relationships, monitoring clients’ well-being, and working with different

cultural values and confidential information.

Manage your energy more consistently and open your channels to be receptive to love

and Divine guidance.

Become the leader you were born to be in these transformational times.

Shamanic Training

This year we will sink deep into connection with our Earth Mother. Grounding will be critical

as we learn how to leave our body in order to complete SOUL Clearings, Past Life Travel and

Clearing, Clearing Trauma from pain bodies, and more.

It’s important to create ritual and routine that allows you to stay anchored into the Earth

and your Human form. Anything is possible as you step into the power of your SOUL as it is

deeply rooted on Earth.

There will be no formal books or readings for the Shamanic Portion this year as our main

focus will be turning inward with what you already know. We will be pulling out the innate

gifts and abilities you came to this lifetime with and learning more about how to utilize them

for our own good.

You will have the option this year to purchase a shamainc rattle and/or drum. You will learn

how to utilize these tools in self healings and healings with clients after the 3rd Chakra.

We will be doing a lot of Trauma, Inner Child Healing, and Shadow Integration work this

year. Because of this your connection with Source is more important than ever. You will be

faced with deep truths and understandings of yourself and the world. Leaning into Source

and the Light will create more ease, harmony, and love through these sacred healing


Year 3 in terms of Shamanism and Oracle work is all about coming home to your Unique

Soul Self and living from that place more consistently. Set the intention now to be open in

body, mind and spirit. Connect with your staff over the coming weeks and create a ritual for


I am holding space for you. Breathe deep.

We are going into the Soul Records to begin to understand the magnitude of all that we are.

Our Akashic Records holds unlimited information about everything. Your personal records

hold the details of every experience in every life you’ve ever lived. Through each of these

lifetimes, you form habits and attachments which may or may not be governing your life

presently. Relationships, personality patterns, and emotions all get recorded and we make

contract agreements at the soul level to learn our lessons and do things a higher way. By

diving into the records, you can understand the issues you are dealing with presently so you

can clear and release these beliefs and move into new directions.

We will look at family and ancestral clearings and find out what is passed down in our family

lineage so that we can clear this energy for ourselves, our family, and descendants.

We will look at past life clearings and discern who you are carrying out patterns with and

what issues still remain karmically in your life. It will explain why we have certain

experiences in the present life so you can uncover why you attracted certain events and

people to you. You will learn to release these programs and open up to positive influences

so that you can clear a pathway and ascend to higher heights.

You will be given charts to support you in accessing the Akashic Records so that you can

clear yourself and your clients and give them explanations. This experience will open up

your psychic channels where you will begin to see, sense, and know what the records are

revealing to you I’m excited to do this research with you so you can support yourselves and others in

accessing the fullness and potential of their lives. How amazing it is to tap into the greater

purpose and design for your life and others.

Please note that all students will have required reading, viewing, class homework, assignments, quizzes and case work assigned and will need to complete these to obtain the Course Certificate.

SSE Course


This course is currently offered ONLINE as 50 classes offered over 1 year with one class per week or 4 classes per month. 


This course can also be taken offline, at the students preferred learning pace, watching recordings of live classes and completing class exercises and assignments. 

Dates for next enrollment

CLASS TIME 1:00- 2:30 pm PST (4 pm-5:30 pm EST) Wednesday / Thursday

50 classes / Once a week for 1 Year/ 75+ hours training

Starting December 1, 2021


1st Chakra Week 1 Orientation

1st Chakra Week 2 Deep overview root

1st Chakra Week 3 Family Healing 

1st Chakra Week 4 Family Clearing

1st Chakra Week 5 Clear soul ties and contract

1st Chakra Week 6 Becoming an Earth Steward 

1st Chakra Week 7 Healership

1st Chakra Week 8 family constellations

2nd Chakra Week 1 Deep Overview sacral

2ndChakra Week 2 Birthing Yourself

2ndChakra Week 3 Deep Inner Child

2ndChakra Week 4 Remembering of self, innocence of how we have gotten here. 

2nd Chakra Week 5 Steward of joy, vitality, energy, powerful transmitter

2nd Chakra Week 6 Sacred sexuality

2nd Chakra Week 7 Karma Clearing in Chakras and safely clearing out chakras, clearing screens

2nd Chakra Week 8 Guest Teacher

3rd Chakra Week 1 In depth of solar plexus

3rd Chakra Week  2 Divine Will/ Befriend the Ego

3rd Chakra Week  3 Ego Work

3rd Chakra Week 4 Program Clearing

3rd Chakra Week 5 Self-Care

3rd Chakra Week 6 How to teach self-care

3rd Chakra Week  7 Activating Core Star

3rd Chakra Week  8 Guest Teacher

4th Chakra Week 1 In depth of hearts

4th Chakra Week 2 Relationship with others

4th Chakra Week 3 Past Life Clearing

4th Chakra Week 4 Trauma

4th Chakra Week 5 Using Frequency of Love

4th Chakra Week 6 Grief

4th Chakra Week 7 Hara Line

4th Chakra Week 8 Guest Teacher

5th Chakra Week 1 In depth of  throat chakra

5th Chakra Week  2 DROP THE ARMOR- Authenticity, Control, Rigidity

5th Chakra Week  3 Radical Expression

5th Chakra Week  4 Attachment to identity

5th Chakra Week  5 Back Balance

5th Chakra Week  6 SOUL Alchemy

5th Chakra Week  7 Energetic throat and jaw work

5th Chakra Week  8 Guest Teacher

6th Chakra Week 1 Invision your life as the healer

6th Chakra Week 2 Honing in and defining gifts/Establishing Boundaries

6th Chakra Week 3 Creation in Quantum Field

6th Chakra Week 4 Building Business as Healer

7th Chakra Week 1 Getting Clear on ideal client, creating avatar, market reseach

7th Chakra Week 2 Clearing Properties

7th Chakra Week 3 Marketing Yourself as a Healer

7th Chakra Week 4 Legal Document


Each year is $5555 tuition paid in full. We do offer low payment plans for those in need. 

Course Requirements

People interested to take this course are required to fill out an application form and do a short 15 minute phone interview with Suzy to make sure that the course commitment is a good fit and that people are ready for the rigorous spiritual work and energetic transmissions. There is an application/ interview fee of $25, which is deducted from the tuition. Alum of the AEH School are not required to interview or apply.

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