Chakra #7 – Connection to Source/God/Universe

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The crown chakra is the thousand petaled lotus where the seat of cosmic consciousness takes flight. It is where we connect with divine intelligence and Source/Creator/God. In the 7th Chakra, we find meaning and understanding of all that exists and marvel at the mysteries of life.  You will learn to:

  • Understand the 7th chakra wounding pattern as it relates to psychological developmental patterns of early adulthood and after.
  • Understand how our relationships with our caregivers have colored our experience with the divine causing us to mistrust, fear, and hate God/Source/Creator.
  • Uncover what is your relationship with God and Spirituality.
  • Co-create with Divine Source: You’ll learn to step into your natural rhythm and into the energy of “allow” and surrender.
  • Step away from the rat race and co-create with Divine Source.
  • Create a life that inspires you, you feel passionately about, works with your lifestyle, and genuinely supports others.
  • Understand the importance of raising your consciousness so you can perceive with greater clarity and understanding what is happening for you.
  • Trust the journey: Feel confident, centered, grounded, and excited that you are on a journey of co-creating a life with Divine Source that is based on your soul’s true purpose.

Divine Connection