Chakra #6 – Spiritual Gifts

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The third eye chakra is all seeing. It senses with its intuitive capabilities. It is the storehouse for all the images that link to our experiences. It is here we connect with the vision our SOUL and honor its destiny and Divine plan.  You will learn to:

  • Understand the 6th chakra wounding pattern as it relates to psychological developmental patterns of adolescence.
  • Understand how spiritual bypassing desensitizes you from intimate connection, causes you to live in disillusionment, and deprives you from basic human needs
  • Learn how to stay aligned with your vision and how to stay in-tune with your soul.
  • Trust your intuition: Look at your relationship with your inner guidance system. Discover spiritual practices and tools that support you.
  • Examine how well you accept Divine guidance, trust your intuition, and discern the voices of egoic self-talk, inner child, and lower self.
  • Watch for signs and synchronicities: Learn to access higher guidance with prayer and meditation while paying attention to the answers within and especially the signs and synchronicities that begin to reveal itself.
  • Open up to your spiritual gifts and discover a whole new way to experience your senses.

Spiritual Gifts