Chakra #1 – Building a Strong Foundation

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The root chakra is your connection to the Earth, your Family, Ancestors, and the energy of survival.  You will learn to:

  • Understand the 1st chakra wounding pattern as it relates to psychological developmental patterns of 2nd trimester to 2 months old.
  • Assess your current mindset state: Get clear on the beliefs and patterns that are ingrained  in survival energy that are holding you back in your life.
  • Uncover you shadow self, masks, and lower selves that unconsciously hide and bury access to your higher self.
  • Uncover and begin to heal womb trauma and abuse.
  • Live balanced. There are 4 foundational pillars, self-care, healthy relationships, connection to spirit/nature, and service to others. Learn to balance and align yourself to the 4 foundational pillars and raise your consciousness and life to the next level of your soul’s evolution.
  • Begin to separate from your family group think and tribe and open up to what you were born to do
  • Create safety and security for yourself so you can thrive.

Building a Strong Foundation