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SOUL EVOLution Course Offerings

Why Healing School?

Give yourself the permission to be utterly all about you for this time so that you can truly change for the better and bring your soul into harmony.

The biggest struggle you may encounter is to let what you know fall away and put yourself in a place of learning on a deeper level so that you can discover more layers and levels of the healing process. Your ego may want to say “I know” this already and this will stop you from truly getting to the root of the issue and releasing it for good.

It’s important that you know that you will have spiritual guidance and the two of us throughout this entire process. You are so loved that the Universe/God/Source conspires to support you in living your best life. During this process of releasing, you will open up to more of your spiritual gifts that have been dormant or hidden. This too is a normal part of the process where you will begin to see, know, hear things that were not available before. 

As you begin to heal and understand the spiritual tools we are giving you, you will open up to a whole new world that has always been there to help others and yourself.

As you draw closer to the light and the healing energies, you also begin to attract lower frequencies and shadows selves that are needing releasing, You are going to need to be an advocate for your energy and protection. 

You will be a steward of healing and it’s important to use it for good will and being of service.

We will be teaching several different healing practices and spiritual modalities, You will find yourself gravitating towards ones that really call your soul. It’s not necessary to be an expert at all them.

We are grateful and honored to be a part of your journey. Each person’s journey is quite unique. You may want to compare, feel more than, or less than, but remember that each journey looks differently and each person progresses at a different pace. What one is experiencing is exactly what they need to grow on their soul journey.

What comes up for you will be divinely guided and in perfect timing. The only way to heal and succeed through this process is be open and honest with yourself and do the work. We know you are ready otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Now is the time to focus on you and the service you can offer the world. 

It takes courage and dedication to raise your vibration and hold space for unconscious pieces of yourself and others. You are awakening to the infinite possibilities of who you are. You will be managing your energy and looking within at what no longer serves you. It’s time to become more of who you were created to be. Become and create a happy fulfilling life while being of service.

This is a process of faith, trust, allowing, surrender, and connection to yourself, others, and the Divine.

It’s not easy to be on this journey as everything you once knew changes and transforms. You may think you are left not knowing who you are and where to go, however, trust you are returning home to yourself in your innocence, your gifts, and your soul essence as you uncover layers of ancestral and historical beliefs that no longer serve you. You are unlocking unlimited potential as each spiritual lesson reveals to you where you are ready to evolve and understand more of who you are and the mysteries of the Universe.

As you reach a higher consciousness, you realize you are never alone and you are always guided from the spiritual realms and the earth planes. Living becomes simple and easy because you are aligned with your heart and soul. The more y0u are aware of your energy and your surroundings the more you will consciously choose how to treat yourself and others which expands into important social issues in our world, such as those related to the environment, sustainability, racial justice and community that needs your love and attention at this time. As a healer, you have a positive impact on our world. You are a guiding light that shines a pathway for others to heal and evolve.

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