Chakra Energy System

Chakra - The Free Flow of Energy

Chakra Energy System

Chakra means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. Learning how these critical points work together to achieve balance is what our Soul Healing School is all about.

Are you ready to leave the pain and trauma of your life and really live?

Are you ready to free yourself and transform your life?

Are you being called to take yourself to the next level of your soul’s evolution, but don’t know how?

We focus on becoming aware of your beliefs, patterns, and wounds so you can learn how to heal yourself with our guidance, support, and love.

It’s easy to stay stuck in our stories, trauma, and pain that no longer serves you and we teach you tools to help you figure out who you are and recreate yourself from the ground up using the chakra energy system as the foundation.

Learn how to have more time and energy, feel safe and okay being you, express your truth, tap into your inner power, and receive love and support so you live a life in alignment to your authentic truth.

We go above and beyond for our clients so that during our 12 months together you’ll get individualized support, group support, and outside expertise from the most amazing healers and teachers from around the world.

Learn step by step tools to bring you into alignment with your soul’s true purpose and take control of the life you are creating.

There are 4- 90 minute classes each month based on the chakra system and how it influences your life.

We connect online in community through zoom.  Nikyla and Candice, your teachers, create a safe space where you’ll explore your relationship to your energy, open up to the chakra teachings, and learn new tools and see things through a different lens so you can experience more freedom by tuning into what is right and true for you.

You will receive access to an online portal that will house all class replays, course curriculum, worksheets, and act as place where you can share your discoveries on each class.

I can’t even explain what this course has done for me right now... 

it gets me emotional. I have support that I couldn’t even imagine within this group. I have grown in my self awareness, and have moved (in some instances) from self judging to making conscious decisions to honor my feelings, speak my truth, and see things through a different lens. Or maybe no lens at all my eyes are just open to it all. It’s beautifully overwhelming. There’s definitely no turning back. I can’t thank you two (Candice and Nikyla) enough.  My advice for new students is...

This course requires dedication to self and others. It is not a solo journey!! So be ready to be open and vulnerable for the best healing and connections to come through. You will be supported but you also have to own your own growth and honor where you are at on your own personal journey.  

It is not a place to compare yourself to other but instead connect, nurture and expand your awareness of how powerful, beautiful and interconnected we all are as a sisterhood. It will be hard and there will be distractions and excuses but if you truly lean in and commit fully there is no way you will not come out feeling like a whole new person. You will have so many tools to navigate through life and have a clear vision of how you personally want to show up and contribute to this thing called life. Cheers to you for taking this step."  
Jesse Boldt