Create a sacred connection to Self that no one & nothing can

Live within & FROM your soul…

at all times

Never, ever again get caught up in anyone’s drama

(including your own)

This is where you THRIVE

This is where you get to make the decisions that IGNITE you

This is where LIFE… Takes you to the O.

It is possible…no matter what your situation…to EXCEED your own expectations, to have what you want, and to BE the person that everyone else looks to in awe.


Welcome to BECOMING

Learn to become YOU
(without all the BS the world has conditioned you to believe about you)

This 5-day free experience will help you unlock your own true spiritual nature so you can connect to yourself and use that energy to restore wholeness.

If you’ve ever thought:

“Who am I to…”

“That’s not for me because…”

“I’ll never have…”

…you NEED to join us, March 7-11, 2022 for this exclusive and brand new experience that is going to shake you to your core, turn your world upside down and SET YOU ON FIRE (in the best ways possible).

With this experience, we’re going to coach you to your best and highest. 

You’ll get:

Daily Meditative Journeys

Daily Akashic Record clearings

A daily email that includes your video lesson

A workbook that includes challenge tasks

An exclusive pop-up Facebook group

Plus over $3500 worth of prizes

Becoming One With Your Grounding

Learn how to ground into your own ideas and beliefs in unshakeable ways that let you say no to what you need to say no to, find your truth at will and step beyond the patterns of behavior that stem from feeling unsafe and ungrounded

Day 1

Becoming One with your Creation

Deepening into your creativity and sensuality to help you unlock your fire, the fire for you, the fire for what you do, the fire to stay true to you.


Day 2

Becoming One with your Power

Ignite your drive and freedom in ways that propel you toward your goals, repel distractions, and keep you focused, no matter what anyone else tries to trip you up with (including you!)

Day 3

Becoming One with your Love

Experience your love like you’ve never experienced love before. Learn to love you, show others how to love you, and tap into the strength and empowerment that comes from that same love.

Day 4

Becoming one with your authentic Self

Own your truth and your essence. No longer apologize to people who don’t deserve it. No longer feel shame or guilt for things that happened in the past. Live from a place of deep knowing so that when the Tempest rises, you do not fall prey to it.

Day 5

Feeling like a victim and like the world is here to beat you up and take advantage of you is no longer a thing.

You will now have access to your inner truth, regardless of your past, your background, or your place in the world.

Grow into YOU

Let go of the wanting. 

Let go of the illusion. 

Let go of trying to be & have what others have. 

This is time to reflect on all that is…and all that YOU want to be.

Click below to join us for this free 5-day Soul EVOLution Experience and finally step into BECOMING You.

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