Candice Box & Nikyla Maria

About Your Teachers

Candice Box

Master SOUL Alchemist, Spiritual Healer, Conscious Relationship Coach

Candice lives in beautiful Hawaii with her husband and twin flame Isaac Box, with three furry babies Kai, a Maltese, Zen, an Orange Tabby, and Baloo, a Russian Blue.  She is an energy healer, ordained minister under the congregation of SHES (International assembly of spiritual healers and earth stewards congregation), a Spiritual Response Consultant, a graduate of Sacred Path Healing with a certification in energy healing, and a practitioner of Alchemical Arts.  She received a Bachelor’s in Business from Shidler School of Business at University of Manoa, which supported her in creating an online platform to reach multitudes of students from all over the world to her healing school and programs.  She is dedicated to studying spiritual and healing modalities to understand the meaning of our connection to ourselves, each other, and the Universe.

For 15 years,  she learned from amazing spiritually gifted teachers. She reconnected with her body, chakras, subconscious mind, and most importantly her spirituality.  She learned about soul records and past lives and began spiritually clearing, releasing, and repatterning old beliefs and habits.  She is truly grateful for the transformation and learning to awaken her innate gifts.  She felt a calling to support others with her personal healing experiences and gifts so her clients may turn to their authentic selves, love themselves on all levels, and begin their passionate purposeful journey.

It is her passion to support you in clearing your limiting beliefs and patterns so you can live your mission and soul’s true purpose.  The world needs you!  Together we can raise the consciousness in our world and live our best lives. She looks forward to connecting with you!

Nikyla Maria

Inner Child Oracle, Trauma Healer, and Spiritual Mentor

Nikyla Maria is an Inner Child Oracle, Trauma Healer and Spiritual Mentor. She guides  men and women all over the world to remember who they truly are with High-Impact Spiritual Technique, Energy Healing, Shamanic Energy work and more. 

Using her  Masters Degree in Child Development and education, certification in advanced energy healing and shamanism, trauma recovery certification, IFS (internal family stems training, breath work, and Shamanic Meditation she’s developed a way for her  clients to experience deep and dare I say permanent healing. 

 Nikyla’s life is  proof that radical transformation is possible when you begin to choose you and open your mind to new perspectives.  For the last ten years she has studied personal growth, self love, meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual healing. She has a  Masters Degrees in Child Development, curriculum design and education. She is a Master Shaman,  Spiritual Healer. Nikyla has devoted her life to studying Internal Family Systems, PTSD and Trauma recovery, and inner child wounding patterns.