#3 Powerful Intentional Structure

Intentional Structure

"But I hate structure!"

Okay, okay I hear you, trust me I do.

I was one of those people too, I hated structure, I hated order, I hated anything that felt like it was pushed on me because it was what someone or something told me it was what I “should” do or how I “should” be.

Take a deep breath, you’re safe.

No one here is telling you what you have to do, it’s all a choice and it’s all up to you how or if you incorporate intentional structure into your life.

I was a kid that grew up in chaos, I had a very volatile family life and I felt like there wasn’t much choice for me in the life that I could lead at such a young age because I had to grow up fast.

With that upbring in mind, it shaped how I viewed routine, authority and societal structure in general.

Aaaand I hated it lol.

What I began to realize as I started to heal myself and change my habits is that when I create the structure in my life, when it is INTENTIONAL structure, it is empowering.

I used to be one of those people who would wake up at any time and just allow whatever desire that came up that day to drive me to where I wanted to go.

One day, I woke up and realized that that isn’t how you create the life that I truly wanted to live.

I would blame others for why I didn’t have the things I wanted or the money in my pocket I thought I deserved.

It wasn’t until I really looked at where I was setting myself up for failure that I knew something had to change.

So… As much as I initially HATED to put order in my life, when all I had ever known was chaos, it was cathartic in the same instance. It was like, for the first time in my life, my life wasn’t just happening to me. 

I was CHOOSING it.

So I continued to choose it.

Intentional Structure

"Okay, but how does making your bed in the morning change your life?" (Insert eye roll here)

Boo boo, Rome wasn’t built in a day, you feel me?

Intentional Structure is the road map to success in every area of your life.

Since you decided to bring up the “making your bed thing”… the small things like that, are acts of self-love and self-respect. You don’t get any external validation from making your bed, no one is going to praise you for making your bed (unless you’re five lol), it is a conscious choice for YOU.

You have to start somewhere to create something different for yourself, there is a reason why we don’t just instantaneously get everything we want, and if we do, it usually ends… VERY poorly.

For instance, people who win millions of dollars at the lottery and then are bankrupt the following year.

They haven’t prepped their mind or body to be a sacred containing for what it is they received; intentional structure is the key to being able to receive everything you want fully.

Intentional structure involves committing to yourself and showing up for YOU to achieve the goals and outcomes you want.

It can be as simple as creating a consistent morning routine, that is intentional structure.

Setting yourself up for going to the gym by having your protein shake ready in the fridge right when you wake up and your running shoes by your bed.

This is how you show love and appreciation for yourself and your process.

When you start to show up for YOU then you can start to uncover what your boundaries truly are and how others can love you the way you need to be loved…

Because you gave it to yourself first!

"Okay... Okay.. But I just don't have TIME to create structure for myself.."

Time is the first commitment you need to give to yourself in order to produce results.

Even if its five minutes a day, before you go to work.

Hell, maybe it’s just OBSERBVING what your day is like so you can clearly implement intentional structure… If you haven’t seen the previous two blog posts, definitely check those out as they give you a very clear idea on how to make space for Clarity and Newness and well as Cultivate Change for yourself.

Now is the time for action!

Action is the EXCITING part! My fellow dwellers of chaos should absolutely LOVE this!

Take some notes on how you would like your morning to begin, how long it takes to get ready, how you can set yourself up for success.

Five minutes a day for a week or two or however long it takes for you to get clear and start making MOVEMENTS.

You have to BE the change you want in your life. 

By embodying what you truly desire, that’s how you receive.

Intentional Structure,

Intentional Structure,

Intentional Structure,

That’s the key baby.

"I started my 'intentional structure' but its so hard to stick to... I want to give up..."

Whew, I’ve been there… It’s not easy to stick to something that is new, especially if you aren’t patient with yourself in the process of getting to where you want to be.

Remember your “why” remember what your intention is behind this structure. If you truly desire your outcome to come to fruition, then change is necessary.

It’s incredibly hard and uncomfortable to change our habits, to implement intentional structure where there was none previously. Sit with yourself and decide if the action plan you’ve made is the best route to get you to where you need to be.

Maybe it’s not the morning routine you need, maybe its intentional structure in your afternoon? Maybe it’s at night?

You can cultivate your life in whatever way that feels most in alignment with YOU, no one else.

What works for me is most likely not going to work for you,

and that’s okay!

You get to learn about yourself in this process and that is a magical thing!

Don’t give up on yourself, you can do hard things, you can be uncomfortable to create the life you truly want.

If all of your dreams could come true just from choosing to commit to yourself… I’d be willing to bet that almost all of us would take that trade.

Think of it like that, commit to you, and give yourself looooots of time for self-care.

Intentional Structure

"What even IS self care? I hate getting facials..."

Self-care is whatever self-care means to YOU. 

To me, self-care looks like lots of “me time” to focus on writing, meditation, yoga and breathing.

Sometimes self-care looks like going to the Korean spa, for me, or going to the ocean. Depending on the day I’ll get a massage or lay in the sun.

There are so many ways to give your mind, body and spirit what it needs. It’s about taking the time to know yourself and listen to what’s best for you in that moment.

I’m sure you guessed this… but… Intentional structure within your self-care is equally important. (Don’t hit me.)

Candice and Nikyla go into aaaaall of this good stuff in their podcast/YouTube video, but I’ll repeat it just ’cause I can.

Make sure that what you’re doing is truly self-care and not a way to avoid or distract from your life.

Going to the bar with your buddies and getting blitzed out of your mind MIGHT be fun… But it also maybe, sorta could be self-destructive.

Be kind to yourself, be generous to yourself, and soon your garden will bear fruits.

P.S. I mean “soon” in relative terms…

Clarity and Newness
Intentional Structure

Things to remember...

Please, please, please… Give yourself lots of patience and grace while you add intentional structure into your day.

None of us are superhuman, no one is infallible, (as much as I’d like to believe I can do no wrong…) we all have hiccups along the way and just because you might have one “bad” day doesn’t erase all of the days that you showed up for you.

You can ALWAYS make a different choice, any second, any minute, and hour.

Maybe you messed up and you know you didn’t operate with intentional structure today? Well, my friend, take a big deep breath, get a good night’s sleep, show up for yourself now, and show up for yourself tomorrow.

Time to create the life of your dreams!

Much love,

Francesca Gurciullo

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