#2. Cultivating Change Positively

Cultivating Change

Candice and Nikyla touch on how to cultivate change within your life. 

They talk about what their perspective is on how change can occur and mindsets that will help you in shaping your reality and life in a way that is what you TRULY want. Not what the ego is telling you to want and what you need, not what your family or friends tell you what you want or need but what you truly want and need for you. 

Once you have the clarity in what it is you want to create, you can start to create micro movements in your life to get to your goals and to cultivate change for yourself.

This is all about setting up a solid foundation and getting really clear on what it will take to get to the change that you’re seeking.

In order to cultivate change for yourself, you need to create structure within your life that will support you in the life and change that you want to cultivate. In theory, this all sounds wonderful and easy, right? Well, no duh, Francesca, you need structure to create what you want… It’s not just going to fall into my lap, right? 

Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

Get you some, boo

Healing School Sneak Peak

There is a deep level of understanding and acceptance in this process though that isn’t just thought, it is felt. All the great truths can be described simply. Knowing what that is, what that feels like and how that looks in your life is a separate thing.

Change is consistent movements.

This means consistent steps towards what it is you truly want and getting crystal clear on your intentions behind your goals.

If your intentions are based in vanity, or external validation, (the example Nikyla uses is getting a six pack for the sake of the aesthetic) then it is much harder to commit to going to the gym every morning to make that happen or cut out the foods that you enjoy in order to cultivate change.

Instead, feel into your body, what is it telling you? What is at the core of your desires? “I want to have more energy to connect with my kids.” That is a much more solid intention that is based on connection and love.

“Cultivating change”… What does that mean to you? What does it look like? These are important questions only you have the answer for.

To be clear, there isn’t anything wrong with wanting a six pack, it’s the INTENTION behind your desires that will make it much easier to get to your desired end results.

Maybe your goal is to be a professional body builder because you’re passionate about testing your body to its limits? the intention is to follow your passion and one of the results of this would be a six pack. 

Start to think of what you want and get really honest with your true desires, when those are clear, you start to plan your micromovements.


It’s not easy to change previous habits, it’s not easy to look at the parts of your life that you’re dissatisfied with. but in order to cultivate change, it is a decision to bear in mind.

You might have limiting beliefs pop up that tell you, you’re not good enough for the type of changes you want to create for yourself, you might have people (friends/family) that tell you that cultivating change in the areas of your life you desire is foolish or wrong or they don’t think you can do it.

The real question is, are you going to let anyone outside of yourself tell you what is right for you?

Are you going to let a limiting belief take your freedom of choice from you?

Sit with the feelings that come up when you start to plan out the structure for your change, listen to what your feelings are telling you, and teach yourself something different.

Peeling back the layers of unworthiness that are no longer serving you is key to cultivating change for yourself.

This might look like making your bed in the morning, a micromovement that shows yourself the basis of self-respect, drinking water, or feeding yourself foods that are healthy for your body.

This is a way to love and heal those parts of you that you haven’t been wanting to look at.

Sit with yourself, listen to yourself, and you will find the answers on how to love yourself best.

When you love yourself, cultivating change becomes second nature because you don’t want to settle for anything less than what you truly want. Be patient with yourself and be understanding of your process.

Drink the water, go to the gym, break down your big goals into small micro movements that you can commit to every day. 

Commit to you.

And your life will change.

Hey there badass, 


I want to talk to you today about a little thing called personal growth and what it really looks like. A lot of people have this notion in their minds about what personal growth and change should look like, they make these pretty little goals and paint pretty little pictures in their heads and then end up wildly disappointed. 


Candice and I see this a lot each time we enter a new year. So many clients reach out in January with an exciting fire within- they’ve made business goals, weight loss goals, relationship goals, you name it, they want it and they set a date. A few weeks or maybe months later they come to a dead stop. Life isn’t what they thought it would be. They stopped going to the gym or didn’t sign that big client, they are STILLLLL arguing with their spouse and their kids just won’t behave. They’ve set themselves up for disappointment. 

You see when we don’t look at change and growth for what it is…. a roller coaster ride… a mess… (visual below) sometimes chaos (lol) we often end up with disappointment.

But when we can go into something without creating all the expectations of how it should look, but instead staying committed to the end result no matter what life throws our way… When we take baby steps, knowing that real growth and change come from changing your lifestyle, stay consistent and persevering… Then we are met with success. 


Love & Light,

Nikyla Maria

Co-Founder for SOUL EVOLution

Clarity and Newness
Cultivating Change

The other bit that Nikyla is talking about in her letter above is that once you set those goals, once your intentions are clear, you accept, and you surrender to the process. We can’t control life; we can’t control the outside world or what happens outside of us. What we can do is control how we respond to it, we can carry ourselves with self-respect, dignity and certainty that we WILL accomplish the things we set out to do as long as we stay consistent.

They might not come in the exact time frame or package that we initially thought.. but that’s part of the journey, baby. Step into what you truly want and create the steps and intentionality to make it a reality.

Breathe deep, Powerful ones!

You got this.

Much love,

Francesca Gurciullo

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