Release the Wild from Within Your Soul

Release the Wild from Within Your Soul

Today I sat down for a deep soul meditation.  I called on Mother Mary to help me find the words to share with you. I woke up this morning with the knowledge of a deep shift occurring in the collective consciousness.

A deep rumbling of the soul… The Wild men and women dwelling within are ready to be set free. set our soul free

Feeling bound and trapped by the life previously created the wild within is calling us all back to ourselves, calling us back to the gentle whispers of the earth, the deep-seated intuition that guides us to the next level of being, the magic that pours from us as we swirl in harmony; Divine Masculine and Feminine in perfect balance, able to give and receive, experience both bliss and grief.

We are being called back to ourselves and it is scary as shit. It feels scary to let all we know go, allowing it to dissolve into the astral realms as we create a new chapter in our lives. Stepping into the unknown, naked and exposed to the world can oftentimes paralyze us in our tracks but I am here to tell you.. You are safe here. It’s simply an uncomfortable sensation. When it passes you will be free.



As you reflect on the quiet rumbling of your soul, contemplating what is ready to be released I encourage you to sink into this divine message.

“Mighty one, Divine one, my sacred love… How I have missed you. Missed your free-flowing essence, the swirls of color that surround you as you dance with the energy of the earth. The magic you create by simply being, breathing, loving. How I have missed your wild. The world succeeded in chiseling your essence away, molding it into the most convenient energy to “tolerate” but they underestimated you, baby because you’re back! You remember! I can see the shift in your heart and the longing in your eyes. It’s time to remember the power and truth of all that you are. PURE FUCKING LOVE! PURE FUCKING MAGIC! DIVINITY IN FORM! You are the Universe.”

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As you read the words notice what parts of your soul  light up and what parts of you resist. And let it be. The whole world is shifting.. That much is clear. As you allow this powerful remembering to wash over you, as you allow the discomfort and newness to intoxicate you, rather than resist and reject… You will start to see the magic of life create wonders in your world.


No suffering necessary, simply let miracles happen!
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We are always here to support you, Sacred Soul Embodiment

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