Need Some Quick Bedtime Rituals?

Need Some Quick Bedtime Rituals?

We ALL could use more rituals and rest in our lives and for me, one of the hardest things was to put myself to bed so I set up a few rituals.

Yup!  I was that girl that stayed up late all night finishing up my to-do lists so that I could relax.  Ok ok ok and caught up on some of my Netflix binging, that’s on my to do lists as well.  Otherwise, I’d lie in bed with everything swarming in my brain, tossing and turning not able to sleep at all.

I began to notice that I woke up grumpier, not happier.  Groggier and foggier.  Feeling frantic and overwhelmed unable to ground.  More to do’s immediately filled my mind and I was off to a running start before I could even look at myself in the mirror.

Have you ever experienced this?

My life seemed like one continuous saga of ‘doing’ without actually resting especially at bedtime.

So I had to make different choices. 

I was running myself ragged and making everyone miserable around me.  Armed with some simple tools, I created some rituals to help me out.

1) Set an alarm an hour or 2 before bedtime – Ritual One

This helped me start unwinding and finishing things up so I can prepare for bed.  So helpful for my alarm to ring and manage me since I am not paying attention to the time.

Set an alarm

2). Unwind physically – Ritual Two

If I am uptight and my body can’t relax, I head into my home gym and start foam rolling or doing yoga exercises to calm and relax my body.  It feels so good!

3). I grab my sticky note pad, journal, and a candle – Ritual Three

-I light my candle to create a sacred space.  Fire always reminds me of warmth, transformation, and reflection.

-For my sticky notes, I write down any important things that I must do the next day that are on my mind and can’t forget.  I sometimes create reminder alarms in my google calendar as well.  It depends on your preference.

In my journal I share interesting things that happened throughout the day as well process any feelings I felt and things I am grateful for.  So helpful to empty out the day as well as celebrate all the beautiful moments.


4) Inspirational book or Oracle card – Ritual Four

It depends on my mood, but mainly it helps me see the bigger picture or a different perspective of my day’s events.  The reading or book supports me in sleeping with confidence that all is well in my world and God/Universe and my high self committee has my back.

5) Smooches and a prayer – Ritual Five

I take a moment to cuddle with my hubby and give him kisses.  It feels so good to feel his closeness and connection especially after a busy day.  If you don’t have a partner which sometimes my hubby is out of town, I cuddle my furry babies.  Or if you have kids that definitely feels good too.  Side note, I do this after all the unwinding because I’m not in get shit done mode.  I’ve finally relaxed and can be all oey and goey with my honey which he appreciates.  Otherwise I’d start nagging him about to do’s.  And that drives away intimacy.

Then I say my prayers, blow out my candle, and fluff my pillows and get to bed.

My prayers are simple.  I think of all the people I connected with and send them a blessing.  I also share what things I appreciated and miracles I’m so grateful for that day.  I ask for a deep good night’s sleep and to wake up before my alarm feeling fully rested and guess what it always happens.

I snuff out my candle to close my sacred space and take a moment to honor myself.

Lastly, I fluff my pillows.  Fluffing my pillows is something I didn’t use to do because I was so exhausted I just crashed on the bed not realizing I was sleeping on things and contorting my body only to wake up with body aches and pain.


Yeah it is important to make your body comfortable for a good night’s rest.  And if you are out of your body it may be because too much is going on and you aren’t aware of your body and what it needs or how it feels.

And that is it!  These bedtime rituals help me to give myself  the best sleep and a positive feeling for the next day.


I hope you have a beautiful evening and one or more of these rituals will work for you as well! We would love to connect with you and help you with any rituals you would like to begin in your life, Let’s Chat!

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