Are You Feeling Lost?

Are You Feeling Lost?

I was standing in front of the mirror, lost, trying to find the will to move through another day. I splashed some water on my face. 

Nothing. I just didn’t want to do it anymore…

 I stomped my feet in anger wanting to crawl out of my skin. 

Nothing. I cried. I howled. I raged. N-o-t-h-i-n-g 

As my chest cavities hollowed and I was left with the emptiness I simply wept. I felt lost. I was tired. I just wanted to be as happy as all the people I saw around me. 


This feeling didn’t come overnight… It was one of those slow creep kind of things. Day after day doing the same old things for the same old people. Day after day of saying my time will come one day. Day after day of letting myself slip into the abyss until one day POOF… I was gone and a shell of me remained. 

I had lost myself trying to be found in the world. I had lost myself trying to help others. I knew at that moment I had to make a choice to do something different. What I had been doing for the last decade was clearly not working… And so I quit it all. This was just 10 short years ago and at that moment everything had to change. 


Maybe you too have gotten to a place where you no longer know who you are or your place in the world. Maybe you feel your soul trying to crawl out of your skin, tired of being held down by the weight of other people’s expectations. You don’t have to get to the point I did… It doesn’t have to be a long and hard journey. 


Below I have outlined a few baby steps you can start taking today as you begin to once again choose yourself and reclaim your personal power. 



Breath more- Try to set aside ten minutes a few times a day to simply focus on your breathing. This might seem superfluous but I assure you the clarity and peace that comes from intentional breath in the perfect place to start. Oftentimes when we begin to reach this place of overwhelm we simply have too much clutter in the mind. Deep and mindful breathing allows for clarity and calm. 

Find Your Voice


Begin creating and communicating boundaries. Let the people in your life know that you are at your limit and that you need some time and space to get back to yourself. Create blocks of time each day just for you. Spend that time listening to old playlists, doing the things that light you up again, or simply beginning to explore what does light you up. 



Have patience, compassion, and understanding for where you are. You may not be happy with what you have created and that’s okay. It’s important to remember you did the best you could with what you have and now you can choose better. 



And last but not least talk to God/Source/Universe about what you are feeling. There is no right or wrong way but I did create a little example for you in case this isn’t your favorite territory. “Dear God/Source/Universe, I am really struggling right now. I woke up today and I didn’t like what I saw. I feel overwhelmed and lost. Show me the way. Help me feel the love and support available for me at all times. Send me the right people, words, or inspirations I need now. Thank you thank you thank you! Amen.” 


These 4 steps if practiced daily and with intention will begin to create movement and momentum in your life. You will create space within your mind, body, and spirit to begin to choose things that fill you up and light your own internal power sources and you will continue to choose YOU!


I know this journey isn’t always easy to get started on so I want you to know I am here for you every step of the way, let’s connect 

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