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It All Begins With Love

Within the collective conscious is a rumbling of resistance, anger, and defiance from so much suffering, hurt, and pain. Where is the love in it all?

In light of the protest, riots, and all that’s happening in our world, our hearts hurt and we are called to action, but don’t know what to do to help our brothers, sisters, and ourselves.

We don’t want to put ourselves in harms way and we can’t sit idle not doing anything while so much is falling a part at the seams.

If you are feeling this, you are realizing that we are interconnected and we feel the pain of so many.

Maybe you are questioning, “How and why are these things still happening when we have evolved in so many ways?”

Throughout history only a few have spoken up and shared their truth.  Yet they have been disregarded, hurt, and even killed for beliefs of change and love.  We are changing, but we see there are still so many deep seated beliefs that need addressing.

Now more than ever, our our voices are desiring to be heard to sing a song together of peace, love, oneness.

None of this can go on any longer, it is an old way of thinking and being that doesn’t serve any of us especially if we want to evolve.

There’s got to be some other way to no longer repeat all of these unconscious wounded patterns so we can truly heal and evolve as a human species.

The issue is so many people filled with the frequency of fear, fear of the unknown and each other.

It is encoded in our DNA from our ancestors.
It is in the memory of our past lives.
It is shown by example via our society, our community, and even at the heart of our families.

If you want to help, begin with yourself.

As a being of energy and light, you radiate out what you stand for and what you value even if you don’t speak about it.

It is shown in your every day actions, behavior, and attitude toward self and others.

Ask yourself…

Where do I resist forgiveness in self and others?  Where do I hold rage towards someone that has hurt me long ago?  Where am I silently suffering and holding feelings that have never let see the light of day?  Where do I judge another because they don’t believe in what you do or understand them?

I share this not because I desire to cause you pain or make you wrong in any way, but because we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.  We feed into this energy unconsciously with our own unresolved hurts and when you deal with what is inside, the outside begins to change.

What you can do to help heal the world is begin to choose and act from love in ways beyond the personality and tap into the oneness of your soul.

You don’t have to go out and protest to make a difference, you can sit silently in your room energetically adding love to the ever growing fear bubble that is trying to take over our hearts and minds.

You can share more love and less anger on social media and in your conversations.


You can nourish yourself by feeding your body, mind, and soul rather than hurting yourself.  You cannot fulfill your part of your divine destiny if you are not properly nurtured.

In all honesty, the answers for what to do come from within.  If we are reacting because of what we saw or what we hear, then we may be acting in haste adding to the very thing we wish to no longer give our energy to.

Sit in silence and find the truth of your soul.  What are your really being called to that would contribute to a life more in union, in love, and togetherness?

What does that look like right now?  For some just being present with friends that are grieving and holding space for them.  Others having healing talks with loved ones about old grievances.  There is so much we can do right now with what is in front of us to heal humanity.

What might that look like in the future?  For some it’s creating businesses that support others and showing them a different way to live and be.  For others, offering themselves in service to the community and showing up with your talents and gifts.

One thing Covid taught me is that we are all affected by a single strain of a virus, but with the right intentions and actions for ourselves and others, we can rewrite our story and come out the other end even better taking care of each other.

If you are hurting right now, please join us for our FREE SOUL Gathering happening every Thursday at 11am PST/ 2pm EST to get support and express yourself.  Click the link here to register

we are always here for you.

Despite all these things happening, there is so much more beauty, collaboration, and love happening in the world.


Let’s move to what we wish to create rather than feeding the old flames that should have gone to ash a long time ago.

It all starts with you.



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