Rest and Rejuvenation

Disconnected: A Simple Rest and Rejuvenation Routine

It is so easy to fall out of routine and we become disconnected.  I want to remind you how important it is to take time to rest and rejuvenate consistently.

Here is how I am sure to incorporate rest into my week.  I always reserve Sundays to reconnect with myself: Body, Mind, and Spirit, my routine.

I want to share with you a few things that help me reconnect.

Rest ~ Numero Uno

I write in my journals (yep… that’s plural lol) I write down my family gratitude, I reflect on a passage from A Course In Miracle, and then I word vomit for 10 minutes (set a timer for ten minutes and just write whatever come to mind, if nothing comes to mind…that’s okay too just doodle).

And voila my mind feels that much clearer and my heart is filled with gratitude and I remember my worth. 

Rest ~ Number 2

I dance around to some high-vibin music (more on that another day.)

And finally:

I do my mirror work. I look deep into my own eyes and say  some powerful AF affirmations. Here you try. Before each affirmation say your name first.

I love you!  I am powerful!  I am worthy!

Feel the tingles running through your #hotbod? If not, it will come. Stay consistent. 


Those are just a few ways you can bring more rest and rejuvenation into your life.

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