Is Time On Our Side?

Is Time On Our Side?

There are so many of us are starting to feel the urgency of time and thinking that we need to start taking action.

Maybe you feel like getting your ducks in a row because you have been on lockdown and feel like you need to get off to a running start to “make up for lost time.” Maybe you feel like you have simply ‘lost’ time because you want to make up for all the important things you were not focusing on while jumping to the next thing.

Do you feeling like you are running out of time?

If you are, then pause a second…

Notice how your energy feels…

Are you feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, and possibly feeling the start of anxiety that makes you feel unequipped to make up for all that lost time?

Honestly, this is a part of us that thinks we should be doing this and or that to get ready for what’s to come, but that is furthest from the truth.

This is the old identity that is trying to solve our problems with an old way of being that doesn’t necessarily work to our benefit anymore.

It actually causes us stress, unhappiness, and a freak out that ultimately leads to our demise because it is operating from old memories of how to be rather than how to draw on your new found intuition and knowing of how to be now.

So slow down…Slow down

Time is not running out.

If during this quarantine we learned anything all, it is that we definitely need to slow down and come back to ourselves and trust in Divine timing.

We have been running on empty for a long time and if you start back up with “I should have been there already and done that already” mentality, then you missed the great cosmic point of the underlying fact that we were operating on the collective concept of time and lost sight of our natural rhythms of who and what we.

Again guys time will not run out..

Time is actually a human made concept to give us a way to measure our experiences.

Before there was the concept of time, there was a trusting in the seasons, the elements, and ourselves.

The clock didn’t run us like it does now.

So before you start doing something and running around with your head cut off, tune into yourself.

Hand on Heart

What is your heart saying that it really is time for?

For me, I am no longer multi-tasking and driving myself bonkers doing 20 things all at once.

I’m giving my full attention to one thing at a time.

I give myself a break from working on the computer from morning until night and started making quality time with my family.  I am scheduling time to work on my projects and stopping when that allotted time is finished.  I am going out to the beach and surfing so I can enjoy life.

And guess what… time has stretched

My days are longer, I am actually getting more done easily and efficiently while having fun.

And most importantly, I have more me time.

Slow down my friend or you’ll miss smelling the roses, the most beautiful things in life that make you sing, that you’ll remember forever, that makes life worthwhile.

Divine timing is real and when you tune in, life just gets more fun and easy and synchronous.

“Everything has a season, and you’re being called to trust the one you’re in.  Don’t let impatience, comparison, competition, or paranoia disturb the seeds…Take a breath… There’s plenty of time…There’s no rush it’s never too late.”

How can you trust the timing of your life a little more?

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