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SOUL EVOLution Healing School

Established in 2016 

Co-Founded by Candice Box and Nikyla Maria

Learn to Heal Yourself and Train to Become an Energy Healer

Learn Healing Tools To Manage Your Energy and Heal Others

 Our healing school has graduated over 100 students to date with an infux of new students being called to be the change in the world.  They learn about themselves and how to manage their energy as we are navigating a new paradigm shift.  They attend classes online and meet in person at various locations all over the world for retreats.  The students are offered in-depth understanding of their chakras, emotional health, physical wellbeing, spirituality, healing concepts, and are provided essential practical training on highly effective ancient techniques and modern methods of energy healing. Our students are living proof that it’s possible to heal yourself, change your life, and support others in doing the same.

Explore Ancient Healing Practices

Learn to do energy work in-person & remotely

 SOUL EVOLution Healing School offers 3 years of courses to support your healing needs.  Year 1 is about self healing and truly embodying the healing to open up to your spiritual gifts.  Year 2 is learning basic healing skills to understand the body’s energy system and working with others.  Year 3 is advanced energy healing skills with emphasis on Shamaic training and akashic record reading.  


Chakra System

The chakra system is our foundational system we use to navigate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This ancient system has been a beautiful way to discover who we are as we open up to the possibilities of who we can become. Explore how the chakras effect each other and help us align and find perfect balance.



We are all perfect and whole right here right now. The problem is most of us have forgotten our own worth. Energetic Activations are like little soul memory recalls. With a mixture of energy work and deep meditation you will be lead through soul activations that will lead to to full remembrance of your soul self as these Divine parts of you are reactivated.


Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic journeys allow you to travel within your soul self and learn valuable lessons and gain insights from within. Using Shamanic drumming, deep meditation and energy work you will be guided deep within to learn about, clear, and heal different chakras and wounding patterns.

energy healing

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a way to restore the balance and homeostasis in our physical bodies, mind, spirit, and emotions. Energy Healing opens us up to a deeper sense of ease, well-being, and purpose, and brings us back to our true selves. We explore the auric levels of the field and seven main chakras. We address various imbalances and how to bring about healing using distance healing techniques, hands-on-healing, chakra activation journeys, pendulum dowsing, and other methods. You will understand the healing energy flow and learn how to use this to heal ourselves and others.


Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Records hold our soul's story. They give us unlimited information about everything. Your personal records hold the details of every experience in every life you've ever lived. Through each of these lifetimes, you form habits and attachments which may or may not be governing your life presently. Relationships, personality patterns, and emotions all get recorded and we make contract agreements at the soul level to learn our lessons and do things a higher way. By diving into the records, you can understand the issues you are dealing with presently so you can clear and release these beliefs and move into new directions.

inner child 1

Psychic Development

As we heal our mind, body, spirit, and emotions, we clear our channels to uncover our spiritual psychic gifts. These gifts are our birthright and are already embedded deep within our spirit. We help tune you into these extrasensory perceptions and develop them in order to see, hear, feel, sense, taste, or have intuition beyond the boundaries of the physical world.


Shadow Integration

Shadow integration is a key part of the healing process. Learning to embrace and accept all parts of you brings you into a place of wholeness and unconditional self love. Shame, guilt, anxiety, depression and much more are the result of suppressed shadows. You will learn to look at, sit with, and accept each part of yourself and utilize all parts of your unique identity.

inner child 2

Inner Child Work

Inner Child work allows us to address the unhealed wounds that were created in childhood. We all have inside of us the deepest memories and learned patterns of behaviors from various times in our childhood. Many of our beliefs, ideas, and desires and fears were created based on childhood experiences and not necessarily our souls truth. Healing your inner child allows you to experience true joy and pleasure as a healed adult once your inner children's needs are met.


Trauma Healing

Trauma of any kind; emotional, physical, mental, sexual causes a physical and visceral shift in our minds and bodies. Trauma literally changes the way your brain and nervous system respond to certain stimuli resulting in PTSD and CPTSD symptoms. In order to create lasting change you will be guided through a process to become aware of your trauma effect on your body and response system and learn to reprogram your nervous system to respond differently.

self care


Self care is not only important, it is necessary. Self-care is the small or large action you take the says “I care about me”“I honor me”“I respect me” When you make a conscious decision to meet your own needs and put yourself first you have the strength and capacity to show up FULL THROTTLE to the rest of the world.



Grounding is an integral part of healing and something you will work on throughout the year. Grounding allows us to channel our energy and therefore fully utilize it to our highest potential. When our energy is grounded real change occurs. You will learn high-impact grounding techniques and learn to be present with your body.


Connection to the Divine

Our Higher Self is a personal embodiment of and connection to the Divine. When we meet our Higher Self, we experience ourselves as filled and flowing with spirit, Life Force, and God. To know our Higher Self, means to connect with our SOUL Essence of who we are deep to our core which contains all the positive aspects that are aligned with love, truth, serenity, beauty, etc. You are Divinity in form as you learn the truth of who you are, you will create we create the New World with an understanding that all is evolving for the highest good of all.

Course Offerings

SOUL EVOLution Course Offerings

Why Healing School?

Give yourself the permission to be utterly all about you for this time so that you can truly change for the better and bring your soul into harmony.

The biggest struggle you may encounter is to let what you know fall away and put yourself in a place of learning on a deeper level so that you can discover more layers and levels of the healing process. Your ego may want to say “I know” this already and this will stop you from truly getting to the root of the issue and releasing it for good.

It’s important that you know that you will have spiritual guidance and the two of us throughout this entire process. You are so loved that the Universe/God/Source conspires to support you in living your best life. During this process of releasing, you will open up to more of your spiritual gifts that have been dormant or hidden. This too is a normal part of the process where you will begin to see, know, hear things that were not available before. 

As you begin to heal and understand the spiritual tools we are giving you, you will open up to a whole new world that has always been there to help others and yourself.

As you draw closer to the light and the healing energies, you also begin to attract lower frequencies and shadows selves that are needing releasing, You are going to need to be an advocate for your energy and protection. 

You will be a steward of healing and it’s important to use it for good will and being of service.

We will be teaching several different healing practices and spiritual modalities, You will find yourself gravitating towards ones that really call your soul. It’s not necessary to be an expert at all them.

We are grateful and honored to be a part of your journey. Each person’s journey is quite unique. You may want to compare, feel more than, or less than, but remember that each journey looks differently and each person progresses at a different pace. What one is experiencing is exactly what they need to grow on their soul journey.

What comes up for you will be divinely guided and in perfect timing. The only way to heal and succeed through this process is be open and honest with yourself and do the work. We know you are ready otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Now is the time to focus on you and the service you can offer the world. 

It takes courage and dedication to raise your vibration and hold space for unconscious pieces of yourself and others. You are awakening to the infinite possibilities of who you are. You will be managing your energy and looking within at what no longer serves you. It’s time to become more of who you were created to be. Become and create a happy fulfilling life while being of service.

This is a process of faith, trust, allowing, surrender, and connection to yourself, others, and the Divine.

It’s not easy to be on this journey as everything you once knew changes and transforms. You may think you are left not knowing who you are and where to go, however, trust you are returning home to yourself in your innocence, your gifts, and your soul essence as you uncover layers of ancestral and historical beliefs that no longer serve you. You are unlocking unlimited potential as each spiritual lesson reveals to you where you are ready to evolve and understand more of who you are and the mysteries of the Universe.

As you reach a higher consciousness, you realize you are never alone and you are always guided from the spiritual realms and the earth planes. Living becomes simple and easy because you are aligned with your heart and soul. The more y0u are aware of your energy and your surroundings the more you will consciously choose how to treat yourself and others which expands into important social issues in our world, such as those related to the environment, sustainability, racial justice and community that needs your love and attention at this time. As a healer, you have a positive impact on our world. You are a guiding light that shines a pathway for others to heal and evolve.

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